Pachamama means “mother earth” and represents not only the earth per se but the entire ecosystem including nature and living things. As it is the nucleus in the system of beliefs among native people in most of South American tradition it represents what we want to achieve in this experience: sharing with everyone Argentine´s tradition through cooking and eating all together.

My name is Franco Nesossi. Influenced by childhood memories with my grandparents, I decided to start my studies as a professional Cook. After several years of cooking experiences abroad, working at different restaurants, caterings and other gastronomic businesses I decided to get together two of my biggest passions: Cooking and Teaching.

I have traveled a lot during my life. Everywhere I have gone, most of my memories include great meals, markets and cooking local dishes with other people. I love receiving travelers at my cooking experience and sharing / talking about food, culture, life, while eating and enjoying.

The Place

We have a complete and cozy kitchen where up to twelve people can come and be part of Pachamama experience, in an intimate and warm atmosphere.

The place is located in Cañitas: one of the nicest and most calm parts of Palermo. (Some people call it a “pleasant little enclave, a miniature version of Alto Palermo.”)

Palermo is Buenos Aires largest barrio and one of its most walkable one. A really interesting destination for foodies, art fans, shopaholics and revelers alike. Popular with expats, the area has increasingly become populated with locals as well, and today is a veritable melting pot of culture and coolness.

It is really easy to come and very safe to walk around our neighborhood. We are located 15 blocks away from Plaza Italia and four blocks away from Lisandro de la Torre´s train station.

Nearby our place you will be able to find lots of interesting streets with shops, bars, restaurants. We are 5 blocks away from “Los bosques de Palermo”, the largest and nicest green area of Buenos Aires.

It can be reached by the following local buses: 15,29,55,59,60,118 (They reach Luis Maria Campos Streeet) and stop three blocks away from our place. It is also possible to arrive by Train (Linea Mitre) since we are four blocks away from the Lisandro de la Torre station.